good & plenty

Good & Plenty taste sweet on the outside and have a surprising finish. They’re sweet-ish.




Out-of-home – Transportation


Out-of-home – Movie theaters

Before the show, movie goers will see Good & Plenty 15 second roll-outs or any three of the print ads.


15 second roll-outs and radio scripts


Website and e-cards


We created a new website for Good & Plenty. One of the main features is an e-card generator which allows visitors to choose from templates or customize their own. If they choose a template, they will be asked what occasion it is for, and the card viewport will fill with a randomized image and Sweet-ish copy. If they choose to customize, they will start from scratch, enter their own message and use the search box for images and GIFs. When the card is finished, the visitor can choose to save their card or send it via email right from the website.


Instagram and Facebook ads


Social media – #Sweetish


CW: Caleb York