promotion: the game

All images modeled in Cinema 4D

Board game design game-ifying the workplace that women experience.

You’ve entered the fascinating world of business and are working hard at your 9-to-5 to achieve ultimate success. In order to rise up through your company, you’ll need to have the perfect balance of skill, respect, and emotional stamina to prepare you for your interview with The Big Boss. 

Think you have what it takes to get your dream Promotion? 


This is more than a game

Promotion teaches young people to navigate the “real world” as a professional and initiates conversations between players about how to handle difficult situations.

It is also a game about women and their experience in the workplace.

Promotion is a game designed to address key issues women face in their careers. Situation Cards are intentionally written about problems like sexual harassment, gender discrimination and the wage gap. Facts and statistics can be found on the last page of our Rules and Instructions manual.

The game is formatted in such a way in order to facilitate conversation, ideally amongst all genders.

“Why did you choose that answer?” “I’ve experienced this before.”

These are two common statements heard during gameplay. It is strongly encouraged that gameplay be paused to have these conversations.


Rules and instructions



Each player starts at the First Fiscal Year space with 10 Happiness, Competence and Likeability points. The players make their way around the board by rolling a die. They will collect or lose points from Event Spaces and Situation Cards, which they keep track of on a score sheet. To go into the Final Interview, a player must have three things: 10 of each Skill, be on at least their second lap around the board and be on a Fiscal Quarter space. To win the game, a player must make it through the Final Interview with 10 of each Skill.


Situation Cards and other spaces

When a player lands on a Situation Space, they will draw a Situation Card and give it to another player to read aloud. The card prompts present a key problem your character is facing along with two or three options of how to respond. The player reading will not reveal the points that will be gained or lost until the other player chooses an answer. Then the player will update their Skill points accordingly.

Event Spaces present a situation, but cause the player to automatically gain or lose a specific Skill point once landed on.

Struggle Spaces send a player directly to one of four Struggle Rooms: Therapy, Conflict Management or Parents’ House. They will remain there until the next turn.

Situation Cards


The Final Interview

Once a player is in Year Two (second lap around), has obtained more than 10 points in each Skill and lands on a Fiscal Quarter Space, they can choose to enter into the Final Interview.

The interviewee player will choose another player to act as The Big Boss and read aloud the Interview Card prompts, answer options and responses. Each Final Interview consists of five cards. This time, The Big Boss will not reveal the points gained or lost, but will instead adjust the interviewee player’s score sheet.

When the Interview is complete, The Big Boss will hand back the other player’s score sheet. If that player made it through the interview with 10 points in each Skill, they win the game.

Interview Cards




We are currently in the playtesting stage of game development. So far, we have tested four times and 10 out of 10 people who have played Promotion have enjoyed their experience.